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ATTENTION: If you enjoy cooking for others or run any kind of food business,
this could be the most important page you ever see... 


You're about to discover the step-by-step SYSTEM of how you too can turn your food passion into a profitable income with your own
cash-generating mobile food business no matter what your budget...

...and attract a steady flow of customers to buy your food & recipes at various profitable locations & events from your own enjoyable
mobile restaurant that most caterers & chefs only dream of...
Works GREAT for: Chefs Home Cooks Restaurant Owners Food Trailers

Catering Trucks Concession Trailers Food Trucks Catering Trailers

Food Vans Hot Dog Carts Food Stands Burger Vans & All Food Styles & Menus

Starting your own mobile food business could be the
best business decision you've ever made...Here's why


Low Start Up Costs - Your own mobile food business can be started on a shoestring budget with a very small initial investment and low running costs and even if you decide its not for you, I'll teach you how to easily sell your catering trailer and make a huge profit on the sale!

Work For Yourself - Finally fire your boss and gain financial independence
in a job you actually enjoy and make a GREAT income!


Flexible Hours - You can work the hours YOU choose and trade either full time or part time so you can spend more time with friends and family doing the things you enjoy


100% Recession Proof Business - During any financial downturn many businesses will crash and burn, but the fact is everyone HAS TO eat and unlike restaurants and cafes who are fixed to their location, mobile catering trailers can move to where the people are and where the money is

No Experience Needed - It doesn't mater where you come from, who you are or who you know, whether you're a savvy chef, catering mogul or a home cook, I'll show you how anyone can start their own profitable mobile food business and earn a great income


Choose Where You Work - Unlike almost any other business, the mobile food business gives you the opportunity to work in a variety of locations. You can work at lots of outdoor events and different locations, or you can simply stick to one.


High Profit Returns - It's no secret that food has one of the highest profit margins in any industry with many catering trailer businesses making huge returns and often paying back their initial investment within weeks.

Mobile food trucks & trailers offer A FUN & SECURE CASH BUSINESS with food items such as hot dogs, burgers, BBQ, sandwiches, wraps, baked potatoes, fries, hot drinks and many other street food items purchased at low wholesale prices and sold for 1000% profits and more!

Dear friend,
I have six important questions for you, think carefully as you answer…


Have you thought about starting your own mobile food business but don't know where to start or have trouble knowing where you could go?



Have you ever had a recipe idea or particular food idea that you know would make some good money if you could just get out there in front of some money spending crowds and start cashing it in?


Do you have a background with food or know down inside you have the cooking and food skills necessary to please many happy customers from your own mobile catering trailer business but perhaps lack the financial support or resources?


Are you fed up of working long tedious hours in a treadmill job often missing time with loved ones working hard in the daily grind to put money in someone else's pocket?


Have you ever seen the mobile food vendors at an event make a fortune in front of you from their food sales and considered how much BETTER you could do it?


Do you dream of running your own catering trailer business and wish someone could take you by the hand show you how to get started quickly and have all the grueling hard work and start-up process done for you?

If you're answer was “yes” to ANY of these questions, first of all you're not alone, second of all these questions were created from my own personal experience from the start up phase of my own mobile catering trailer business ventures...

If you've ever thought about making some good money from your food passion please read on, as this could be the most important letter you'll ever read…
"Here's The Shocking Truth"
Statistics show that due to a cultural shift in eating habits food and drink purchased and eaten away from the home has now OVERTAKEN eating in! Figures show that the average family spends $2,619 per year on food & drink purchased and consumed away from the home...

Figures go on to show a 150% increase in food and drink purchased away from the home at catering trailers and mobile food outlets and the figures continue to rise…

Mobile food sales now exceed $11BILLION WORLDWIDE. In today's volatile economy and fast-paced world, more and more people are ditching the expensive time-consuming restaurants and opting for a cheap, fast & tasty meal they can eat on the go.

With the weather continually getting hotter, we're entering a time of GREAT opportunity in the mobile food business...
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