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Hog Roast Spit Machine Suckling Pig Hogroast






Hogroast BBQ 



Hog roasts are pigs on a spit roast that has been cooked slowly on a turning spindle 
Hog roasts can be ordered with the crisp crackling intact and is normally served with soft white baps, 
apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing to top off the popular hog roasts sandwiches.


To complement the hog roasts, some menus may offer additional side servings of fresh crisp salads, potatoes or maybe a full cold buffet platter containing other finger buffet food. As well as hog roasts, some caterers may offer lamb roast, spit roast beef, or stuffed hog roasts that is a side of beef sirloin cooked inside the hog roasts which is a medieval method of cooking. Hog roasts can also be marinaded and glazed with maple syrup and hickory prior to cooking which creates a special hickory hog roasts. Hickory hog roasts are especially delicious when mixed with apple cider sage and onion stuffing and BBQ sauce. Hog roasts tend to use the full pig to be served up in one sitting so hog roasts are recommended if you are planning on having a lot of people round for a hog roasts sandwich.



If you've never tried a Hog Roast before, you really don't know what you are missing. 
A succulent Hog Roast is the ideal accompaniment to any type of special occasion and it provides guests at the event with delicious food and a visual treat at the same time.