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Frying pans have been part of the cooking ritual for hundreds of years but are as still as popular today as they were, with an estimated 5 million being bought each year in the UK alone. They are one of the most frequently used pieces of cookware and are used for a variety of cooking purposes. They are great for cleanly browning food or for frying and scorching too. They are used in the cooking of fundamental dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Furthermore, there is an increasing reliance on versatile, non-stick and one pan cooking. Hence, it is no surprise that frying pans are increasingly becoming the favoured piece of cookware in a kitchen and there is normally one or more in every kitchen.

Frying pans are present in almost all civilizations and they are well thought-out part of the very basic cooking convention of cookery. Comparable to the frying pans we use today, the old ones had the same broad body with a long handle. The handle was used so as the chef could cook without burning their hands in the fire. These were normally made of cast iron.

However, nowadays there is a whole plethora of frying pans on the market, from your cheap and cheerful to your more expensive. When purchasing a new frying your decision will have a certain budget in mind, but over and above this some key questions must be: How heavy do you want it to be, how often will you be using it, how versatile do you want it to be, it's durability, do you want it to be non-stick or not and it's general look and feel.

For example, if you like the traditional cast iron look, are you prepared for the weight of the product as they can be very heavy. If you perform a lot of one pan cooking, from your fry up to a whole variety of sauces and stews, then how deep do you want the product to be? Are you prepared to season a pan?

Whatever the case, you need to be sure that the Frying pan performs well and transmits heat evenly across the pan, avoiding any hot spots which can cause burning. Plus, most frying pans should not be put in the dishwasher, so it will need to be cleaned easily. Look for products with at least a 4mm base, has a good length of guarantee (at least 10 years) and where applicable, has the stainless steel mark.

There is no real market leader in the frying pan market, but some of the leading brands include Le Creuset, Lodge and Chassuer for cast iron, Stellar, Judge and Swift for stainless steel, many of which come with non-stick coating, Tefal with their thermo-spot technology, and Le Creuset have launched an excellent toughened, non-stick, hard anodized aluminium range. Frying pans will no doubt be continued to use for many years to come. If you are looking to make a purchase, make sure that you choose one that you will love to cook with.

The very calculated was anticipated in such a way for the sheer realistic reason of shielding the cook's hand that would have been too uncovered over the fire. It may seem one of the easiest types of cooking; frying may also necessitate skill for the creation of certain delicate dishes. The quality of the food very much depends on the features of the frying pans that how well do it carries out heat? Then, how much oil should there be supplementary in the frying pan? The oil layer in the Frying pan is the contact surroundings involving the pan and the food.

When it gets to the right temperature, the oil will ensure and even and swift cooking processes not to preserve that it considerably increase flavor and color. If you are using frying pans for cooking fish and chicken, you will need to add oil so as to almost cover the entire pan. On the other hand, in spite of their attractiveness, there are voices that claim frying pans make the unhealthiest type of food. Burned fat, yet if it be of a vegetable derivation is considered to be tremendously dangerous for health, and should therefore be avoided as much as possible.

There are several manufacturers of frying pans available online. Finding more information as well as quality pans is not a big task. You are to search over the internet and all the solutions will be in front of you. You are to read detailed information carefully. Years ago, people bought contemptible pans and expected to throw them away and buy another set. Now the time as well as thinking has changed. People buy pans for long use.