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Deep Fat Fryers Gas

Who do not know French fries? This food is so popular throughout the world either for meal or for snack that a lot of people list it as their favorite food. Related with the popularity, you can easily find it in many restaurants or cafe. However, for me myself, I would rather make this snack at home since it is cheaper and healthier. What about you? Are you going to follow me? Making French fries is quite easy. I am sure you will not find any significant difficulty.

In making fries, you need to prepare potatoes, water, oil, salt and flour. You can use two or three potatoes as you like. For the measurement of the water oil, salt and flour, you can simply adjust them with the amount of the potato you are going to fry.

Now, you need to peel the potatoes and cut them down in French fries size. You can cut them as big as or as small as you like, but I suggest you to slice them for about two or three inches long and 1/2 inch wide. This is the most suitable size to make your fries crispy and delicious.

Then, take a large bowl and fill it with water and two table spoon of salt. Soak the sliced potatoes to the salt water and let it there for about fifteen minutes. While you are soaking the potato, you can prepare the fryer. Take your fry pan or deep fryer and fill some cooking oil. Heat the oil until it bubbles. This is the sign that the oil is hot enough and ready to fry the potato slices.

Then, remove the fries from the bowl and remove the excessive salt water. Then, take a Ziploc bag and pour a cup of flour. Add the potato to the bag and shake the bag so that the fries are completely covered by the flour. Now, you can add the French fries to the hot oil and cook it for about four to six minutes. Make sure to check it. When the fries are crispy in attractive golden color, your fries are ready to be taken out from the fryer.

Now you can serve the fries for your friends and family members. You can also provide tomato or chili sauce. Providing some pepper is also a good idea. Enjoy your fries.