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About Us

 About Commercial-Catering Equipment

Commercial-Catering is one of the first class suppliers of new and used restaurant and catering equipment.
Commercial-Catering supplies a wide range of commercial catering equipment.
It is the company's policy to build quality into products to provide customers with superior quality service.


Our Objectives & Goals
The Management and Staff of Commercial-Catering are committed to meeting the following Objectives & Goals:
• Improved Customer Satisfaction
• Improved Operations
• Improved Competency


Our Company Values
• Customer Satisfaction
• Commitment
• Teamwork
• Empowerment
• Integrity
• Continuous Improvement


Our Customer Satisfaction Focus
• The main focus of Commercial-Catering will continue to be “Total Customer Satisfaction”.
• The sustained growth enjoyed by the company since inception is due largely to this simple philosophy.
• Commercial-Catering are also focused on “Continuous Service Improvement”
• We remain committed to providing exceptional service and competitive pricing throughout the UK, EU, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and the rest of world


Why Commercial-Catering?


Our Company
Commercial-Catering provides cost effective, professional and reliable services and products in the catering industry. Our people are committed to excel in their field, and to help businesses set up and operate profitably and efficiently.


Our Approach
Our customers tell us that it's our quality-based, results-oriented approach that continues to set Commercial-Catering apart from the competition. What's at the core of our success? It's a blend of quality people, our cost effective products, and dedication to customer service; all of which are supported and facilitated by state of the art technology, as well as a national and local management presence. Sound like the kind of approach you're looking for? Commercial-Catering can deliver.


Our People
At Commercial-Catering employees are our "internal customers." We strive every day to empower them to be the very best they can be, so they in turn, perform at the highest level. The result of our philosophy is a low staff turnover rate, which allows us to supply our customers with a higher overall level of service and consistent staff with our products.


Our Training
Commercial-Cateringquality training programs and initiatives are unmatched in the trade services industry. Our professionally designed and executed training programs help produce knowledgeable and highly motivated sales executives, installers and maintenance personnel.


Our Management Support
An extensive management support system ensures that you receive the attention and responsiveness you deserve, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.





14 Cul Crannagh
Dooradoyle Road
Limerick, Co.Limerick


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